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I teach high-achieving professionals in high-stress environments to pause time so they can beat burnout and find balance.

Wendy S. Meadows is not just a speaker; she is a catalyst for profound transformation. 

With a successful career as a top-ranked family law attorney and now a celebrated life coach and best-selling author, Wendy brings a unique blend of wisdom and practical strategies to the stage. Her engaging keynotes and workshops are filled with authentic storytelling and actionable insights, designed to empower and uplift. Whether it’s her simple morning method or her deeply personal stories of resilience, Wendy’s presentations inspire audiences to embrace change and pursue a life that’s not only successful but deeply satisfying.


About Wendy

Wendy S. Meadows has made a remarkable transition from being one of Maryland’s Top 100 Lawyers and a Super Lawyer in family law to a best-selling author and sought-after inspirational speaker. Her profound courtroom experiences, including overcoming personal and professional challenges, catalyzed her mission to uplift and empower others. Wendy is celebrated for her magnetic stage presence, where she combines poignant personal narratives with actionable strategies, inspiring her audiences to tackle life’s challenges with resilience. Recognized by her peers as a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated lawyer, she has also been honored with the Daily Record’s Leading Women and VIP Awards, recognizing her leadership and impact. Off stage, Wendy is dedicated to her family, and she finds joy in simple daily practices that maintain her alignment and focus.


Her unique speaking style and the life-changing wisdom she shares make her an invaluable addition to any event, motivating attendees to initiate meaningful, lasting change.

Wendy S. Meadows smiling at the camera, wearing a white shirt and hot pink earrings, exuding confidence and approachability.
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Wendy's Talks

Wendy S. Meadows engaging with conference attendees in a lively discussion, wearing a pink blazer during a breakout session

Baby Steps to Balance

Unlock the secret to achieving effortless balance with "Baby Steps to Balance." This session is essential for anyone feeling the pinch of burnout and the chaos of unbalanced living. Dive into practical strategies to identify burnout symptoms and their effects on performance and well-being. By focusing on the four critical life quadrants—work, family, health, and self—participants will craft tailored value statements that guide their daily decisions.


Leave not just with insights but with a clear, achievable action plan designed to foster a harmonious life. Ideal for teams, this keynote can transform into a deeper, interactive workshop, equipping your employees with the tools to thrive in all aspects of life. Don't let your team fall behind in today's demanding world; let them learn to step forward with balance and confidence.

Side profile of Wendy S. Meadows speaking passionately from a podium, wearing an elegant black dress at a professional event.

Pause and Effect: “I am” Statements for Balanced Success

Unlock the transformative power of 'I Am' statements in this dynamic session designed to equip attendees with the tools to achieve balanced success. Learn a simple yet profound morning ritual that aligns daily actions with overarching goals, enhancing both professional and personal life. Participants will master the art of crafting personalized affirmations to strategically pause and recalibrate throughout the day, ensuring they are always operating at peak performance.


This practical technique is a game-changer for anyone looking to reduce stress and thrive under pressure—ideal for bringing teams into their best selves!

Side profile of Wendy S. Meadows speaking from a podium in an elegant black dress with lace sleeves at a professional event.

sparkle & GRIT: Living a Technicolor Life

Step into a world where every day sparkles with possibility and resilience powers success. "sparkle & GRIT" invites you to revolutionize your life by breaking free from monotony and mastering the art of balance. In this engaging keynote, Wendy S. Meadows, best-selling author and seasoned coach, shares transformative insights and heartwarming stories that inspire you to conquer burnout and embrace a Technicolor life. This presentation is not just about lifting your spirits; it’s about equipping you with practical strategies to infuse vibrancy and grit into your daily routine.


Ideal for anyone seeking to refresh their approach to life, "sparkle & GRIT" shows you how to achieve balance, beat burnout, and celebrate life’s moments, big and small, with renewed passion and resilience.

Leslie Greenly headshot

Having author Wendy Meadows as part of Harford County Public Library’s 2024 Women’s Summit speaker lineup was an absolute pleasure and an immense success! Her captivating presence and engaging storytelling left everyone inspired and eager for more. Ms. Meadows not only shared amazing insights into her work but also fostered meaningful connections with attendees through thought-provoking discussions and personalized interactions. Her ability to connect with our diverse audience and create a welcoming atmosphere truly helped to make our event memorable.

Leslie Greenly Smith
Marketing & Communications Director
Harford County Public Library

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I teach high-achieving professionals in high-stress environments to pause time so they can beat burning out, find balance, and be themselves without sacrificing the multi-passionate humans they are.


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